First holographic car navigation (pre-launch)

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Saijo George
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
looks interesting, is it US only ?
Mike Khristo
Mike Khristo@mike_khristo
Very similar to Navdy
Jordan Feldstein
Jordan FeldsteinHunter@jfeldstein · Misc. Growth & User Acquisition
@mikekhristo Nothing like navdy. Navdy == answer text messages on your dashboard. This is video-game style navigation, overlaid on the road which is a million times better than turn by turn voice stuff or anything on your phone in your cupholder. Just follow the route. So amazing. Navdy wishes it did anything this cool.
bryan alexander
bryan alexander@evermuse · Raised in ND; Educated @Cal; Engineer
@mikekhristo Have to agree with @jfeldstein. Navion looks amazing. Navdy looks pedestrian by comparison. No amount of @lonelysandwich can make up for that.
Tom Schillemans
Tom Schillemans@tom_schillemans · developer
This would be amazing if it came out world wide!
Eldaniz@elsixli · Eldaniz Shikhlinsky
@tom_schillemans check the OASIS concept car exhibited on CES in this January by RINSPEED
Eldaniz@elsixli · Eldaniz Shikhlinsky
Just wanted to notice about some progress with this tech
Florian De Sa
Florian De Sa@flo2sa · Product Manager
It's getting serious right now !