Heads-Up-Display. Feels like driving in the future.

Navdy is an innovative head-up display for your car. It makes your phone and your car work together and at the same time you are behind the wheel, concentrated on the road. It is here to make your life and commuting smarter, happier, more organized and protected. With its help you can play music, call and talk, navigate and much more.

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Even if you're not a driver, definitely check out the site and watch the Sandwich-made video. Those folks are good at what they do.
Navdy's available for $299 pre-order.
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@rrhoover Excited for Navdy to integrate the Product Hunt API :)
@jtriest hunt responsibly
@rrhoover "That's really cool!"....[crash]
Impressive product. Wonder why they didn't add a dash cam, would make Navdy incredibly complete and even more useful.
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@iorahul That is a great idea! We'll put it on our list of candidates for future product.
@jzesty Great to hear. Though, out of curiosity, did you guys really not think of this feature during your design process? I find that very hard to believe! Love the video btw :)
@iorahul maybe ;)
Is that a Ford Focus with a Bentley emblem....?
@blakeir nice easter egg find
@lonelysandwich literally makes my favorite videos. Adam's amazing.
@azilnik and this is his best one yet! dude is one of the most talented people I know.
The video made me crack up! Very nice.