Nature sound

Background noise generator for work and relaxation

#5 Product of the DayAugust 22, 2016
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I'm using @Noizio at the moment. What's the difference of your app to make me switch?
@alexriabtsev Noizio for apple users only, this app for android users and in future maybe for apple. There is no difference between them, except design and number of sounds, i think.
@creotiv there's @noisli for android - the question is the same :)
@alexriabtsev There are not only Noisli for Android)) there are more then few hundreds of such apps. Difference of mine - it's free, high-quality sounds, simple and good UI/UX
Nature Sound — free sound generator of background noises for work, rest and meditation. We use realistic and high quality sounds so you can actually feel like you are walking in the forest or sitting at the bonfire. This can help you relax and be in a better mood during work. All sounds are fully customizable. Nature Sound great features: Future updates: ★ Possibility to save your sound mixes ★ Control from notification bar If you have any ideas or comments i'll be happy to answer them)
Those who wants get new versions ASAP here is link for singing in as a tester Thus you will get new releases faster)
heh, pretty nice tool. I`m switching on it (for relax) and can`t return to my work :)
Exactly what I was looking for just a few days ago :) but any plans for iOS in the nearest future?
@aleks_muse I've been using Noisli for some time now and it works great. Here's the link: (note: it does cost a little bit)
Great for busy offices and coworking spaces.