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Brian Reavis
Brian ReavisMaker@brianreavis · Co-Founder, Natural Atlas
Hey Product Hunters! We grew tired of there not being a good map of the outdoors online. Flipping between blog posts about places, Google searches, guide books, print maps, etc trying to figure out where things are and what the surrounding landscape is like is also not so fun. Campsites, waterfalls, hikes, etc should all be in once place – and anyone should be able to contribute what they know about them (like Wikipedia). We just launched today: I'd love to field questions / hear feedback! It's very much a work in progress – we'd love any help we can get.
Anuj Adhiya
Anuj Adhiya@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
Added to my Outdoors collection:
Georg Kitz
Georg Kitz@gekitz · Baking iOS things at
@brianreavis great stuff. How do you plan to expand into different areas around the world? How do you plan to get all the informations needed to make outdoor maps truly helpful, like trails/huts etc?
Brian Reavis
Brian ReavisMaker@brianreavis · Co-Founder, Natural Atlas
@gekitz Great question. We're currently focused on the United States only. That's not to say we won't ever get to other countries – we'd just rather have a really good map for one region than be spread thin and have a mediocre map of the world. We already have a good collection of the small features you mention. For instance: At this point there's a good amount of hand tuning and verification that goes into the map. A good example is Montana. The Fish and Wildlife Service there has a dataset of all fishing accesses: whether they have boat ramps, allow camping, etc. We use it place boat ramps and campsites along the Yellowstone River, Missouri River, etc. The problem is that the point data is for the center of the management area. So, if you're placing a boat ramp icon (like we do), it's a by-hand process of locating the boat ramp and placing it at the correct coordinate. We can accomplish a ton in-house through automation and hard work, but we're taking it a step further and working on tools to empower users to contribute to the map directly themselves. With our "map notes" feature, users will be able to note cairns, log crossings, missing features, etc. These notes can be added from GPX data or by clicking on the map online. About trails: We're currently working on blending data from the Forest Service, NPS, and other sources. TL;DR: Lots of automation (blending datasets) + hand curation + and help from users (in the works)
Sandro Tempesta
Sandro Tempesta@sandro_tempesta · graphic designer
I'm italian and I like so much your service. I'm an hiker and I think that it can be very helpful. I don't understand witch business model do you use. It can be very interesting...
Scott Kendall
Scott Kendall@dskendall · Lover of maps, apps, naps
love the look of the map, well done