Experience the awesomeness of React Native without the pain

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this looks promising! its bootstrap fot React Native.
@navidmirzaie We had inspirations from Twitter's Bootstrap & Ionic framework. A lot is coming up, stay tuned!
I don't get it, it's a set of components? I still don't get what NativeBase does to allow to use React Native "without the pain" after reading the homepage and the documentation landing page. To me, the biggest pain of react native was setting it up, not using it once a project has been started. Does this provide anything to get started faster, like docker images for android env setup?
@oelmekki Adding the same article from medium here: Thanks for the comment access :-)
@sanketsahu You're welcome :) The landing page looks great regarding design, but its messaging is confusing : like Andrew mentioned, the advantages of NativeBase are diluted among the advantages of React Native, which someone considering NativeBase probably already knows about. Something that always works for landing pages: hook the visitor describing pain points they may identify to, then explain how your product solves them. Something like: """ Tired of trying to write crossplatform components? Feels like React Native is a bit too much low level? With NativeBase, you start with a set of succinctly written components you will soon use everywhere. And they work on both iOS and android without any specific code! """
@oelmekki That's perfect! Thanks a lot for the write-up. It's going to the landing page. It's so good to get early feedback and collaborate. Goodness of the OpenSource world.
Looks great.
It may make me look at React Native again...
@leo_k It is the future of Mobile App development for sure and that's the reason we couldn't resist ourselves building NativeBase.
This is an awesome idea. Definitely going to use this for quick projects!