Native Deodorant is paraben-free and aluminum-free that has never been tested on animals, only on humans. Native Deodorant protects you all day so you can be active.

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Hey guys, I'm the founder of Native Deodorant. I created it because I couldn't find a deodorant that was non-toxic and worked well, so I made one myself. AMA!
@moizali I​ like the idea and the ingredients and would love to try it without a subscription. would that be something you can implement?
@yasarcorp @moizali Hey Brad, great idea. I didn't think there would be as much demand for this without a subscription, but based on the comments I see, I think I was wrong. Would you be more amenable to trying it via subscriptions if we also offered free returns?
@moizali no that is not what I​ was looking for. I tried a lot of all natural deodorants with little success so I was looking to just buy a single unit or get a free tester and start it that way. thank you
@yasarcorp exactly. I had the same thinking. I want to just buy one. Not have a trial. Also what is the scent?
@yasarcorp @moizali Hey Brad, we added a one-unit purchase here:
Love the founder. He's been working in the Founders Dojo. He's an assassin ninja who quickly builds businesses. Expecting this one to be great! I like "Harry's for deodorant" but understand Native is healthy compared to other deodorants. What made you want to start Native?
@jmrushworth i like assassin ninjas working out of dojos! lol
I created it because I couldn't find a deodorant that was non-toxic and worked well, so I made one myself! I tried a few hundred different ingredients and about a thousand different combinations before I found one that felt great and lasted all day!
I love that you have the natural ingredients posted on the home page! Clever name as well. My wife and I have tried all of the so-called natural deodorants out there. Some give you that wet feeling all day and others flat out don't work well enough to continue using the product. In addition to the subscription model, I suggest you consider adding another option. Here are some possibilities: — $7 one-time sampler (free shipping) — $7 one-time sampler ($1.99 shipping) — $10 one-time sampler (free shipping) — $10 one-time sampler ($1.99 shipping) You provide an easy, no-brainier way for people to try Native. I'm guessing they will like it and start a subscription. Send a code for a $2 savings off the first month.
@moizali I've tried almost every natural deodorant on the market (from crystal sticks to tom's to ayurvedic remedies) and most haven't worked for me. I can't use mass market deodorant as the aluminum burns my skin. @stephenchip suggestion a trial pack makes a lot of sense. I'd like to see if this works for me before subscribing.
@aseoconnor @stephenchip Great point guys. We're working on getting a single stick (non subscription) up right now. Should be ready in a few minutes.
I am excited to try this. I have also tried many deodorants and mostly found them irritating (literally). A friend recommended that I try straight up Coconut Oil. That is working okay but I could really use a actual alternative.