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I'm one of the makers of Keen IO. We're super proud of Native Analytics! I'll be hanging around here all day with some other members of the team, as we are super eager to get feedback from the PH community. I thought I'd share a little back-story. We started the company as a "build whatever you want with it" API for Analytics, where we handle the storage/uptime/computation, but are not prescriptive about how you use it. We think of ourselves as Lego for analytics: we create handy building blocks that fit together nicely, which lets the builder (software & product teams) create whatever they can imagine. Over the years, we've found that a lot of companies are using us for white-label use cases (where some of the analytical features they're building on our platform are for _their_ customers). This is a bit like how, when you text your Uber driver or call your Instacart shopper, you're using Twilio under the covers. Similarly, there are a lot of SaaS and mobile companies whose products have analytics/reports/insights tabs, and under the hood those are being powered by Keen IO. These white-label use cases create some unique requirements for our platform (for example, while load times for employee-facing visualizations can vary, load times for customer-facing visualizations need to be lightning fast; so we created Dashboard Caching, which pre-aggregates the data for view much like the way we handled the load time problem in my time at Google Analytics). At the end of last year, we decided it was time to create a full-featured product for white-labeling Keen, informed by our learnings from having seen hundreds of these use cases. That brings us to today, where we're thrilled to be launching Native Analytics! Looking forward to your feedback :)
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@dorkitude But.. but... it looks RAD!
@dorkitude So happy to see this coming out right now, we were discussing just this morning how existing solutions were coming short for this precise use case. Consider me a fan!
@kevin_granger thanks, Kevin! Means a lot coming from you. The care, thought, and attention to detail y'all put into your work at Algolia is evident from your homepage to docs to API design itself, and down to every piece of marketing material I see. Kudos!
@dorkitude That's really nice, I appreciate a lot ^^ #teamwork
@rdardour @dorkitude thanks Romain! I remember chatting with you years ago, back when we had not yet a single paying customer. I was a newb when it came to modern web development, but you didn't hesitate to chat , tell me about your project, and give feedback. It helped me learn and begin to understand the developer community. I will always appreciate that!
One the absolute BEST parts of my job is seeing all of the things developers build on top of our platform. Over the years, they've built our APIs into so many places - smart devices, the SaaS products, mobile apps, and across so many industries and countries. Their usage has grown in the form of posts and queries and automation and totally novel types of data analysis. But it was the developers that were building analytics views into THEIR products that really put a visual face to everything, and pushed it out into the world where people could see it. They brought data to new places, to new users, in their own language and their own style. They made it all feel real and showed us what our platform could do that no other one could. We've invested a lot in making the experience of white-labeling analytics even more flexible, powerful, and beautiful, and have bunch more good stuff coming down the pipe as well. I'm so excited to share this and see what people build next :)
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Very excited to be the one that gets to hunt this! I remember sitting down with Kyle and Ryan in a cozy little bar in the dogpatch back in 2011 to talk about a new project they were working on called "Schmetrics". I was working at Olark at the time and I think we somehow met on Twitter. Over the years we've stayed in touch and it's been really amazing to see that little seed of an idea grow into something so awesome and big. So as a user (we at Hardbound <3 Keen) and a friend, congrats to the Keen team on launching this great update!
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@nbashaw Thanks for hunting, Nathan! Hard to believe it's been almost five years since we were just a couple of crazy people with an idea :)
@nbashaw Thanks for posting! Super crazy/awesome/excited to see how far Keen IO has come since I joined a little over a year ago. ✨
@nbashaw Thanks, Nathan! can't wait to see how you use Native Analytics at Hardbound!
I've helped the team a bit with this product and find it super compelling for any software product team that wants to offer in-app analytics to its users, but may not have the resources or bandwidth to build out an entire analytics infrastructure and user-facing product. Keen's Native Analytics product gives product platforms and PMs the ability to ship analytics to their users within their product very simply.
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@binder Seth, you've been a huge help from the very start of this process. Thank you for all of your insightful questions and feedback along the way! We couldn't have done this without you and the Sequoia team!
@binder to echo Alexa, you've been great to work with, Seth! You really helped us build our confidence and momentum! Thank you :)
We've just started using Keen for our solution (at Vanilla), and I'm really impressed by how great and flexible the platform is.
Thank you, @adrianspeyer Your use case at Vanilla has been & continues to be one of the inspirations that informs our perspective -- and our product roadmap -- on Native Analytics. In particular, y'all really helped us understand the need to programmatically manage/provision projects with secure keys for each of your customers / sub-accounts. It's great to hear you're enjoying the platform.
@adrianspeyer really glad you're enjoying it so far! Have your community analytics gone live yet? Curious to hear what your users think!
@alexakmeyer We have a basic early preview running with select customers. A whole new look and feel are coming very soon. So far the customers I've spoke to are very happy with it.