Build and market native mobile apps without having to code.

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Jimmy SkurosVP of Product
Great work guys love the name and branding!
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Kevin William David
Community @AngelList. No 1 Hunter on PH๐Ÿฅ‡
Nativ is tailored for content creators and retailers.It's for businesses that already have an existing audience and customer base and want to reach them on a mobile platform. The platform includes integration with Shopify, LevelUp and payment processors.Once apps are built, MobileX helps customers create marketing micro-sites for their products.
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Ross Rojek
There are a lot of "Coming Soons" in the FAQ, and none of the tutorial images load. I'd be more interested in seeing what modules and features are available before having to sign up for the service.
Kiran Panesar
CTO @ MobileX Labs
@SacBookReviewer Hi Ross, thanks for checking out Nativ. We're currently in beta and thus we focused on the core product. We're in the process of adding more features to the apps, and more informational pages to check out what you can build before getting into the app. Currently, you can click "Start Building" to go into the builder without having to sign up.
JP Devecchi MartinengoCEO, of Expensas Online
Hello Nativ team! I want to give my feedback on why I stopped using your app, I was a recurring user for over a month, the idea seems great and also the price, but I reported some important bugs and I never had an answer, I also expected to have my app working in 10 Days as promised but a month went by and it did not work. A pity as I am a big fan of your idea.