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Originally designed for travellers and expats living in a foreign country to help them find other expats nearby, get their advices, help on specific questions, find jobs, or just communicate with each other. But it appears that app is perfect for dating as well.

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Congrats on launching πŸš€ This is an interesting idea - made me smile when I read the last line of your description "But it appears that app is perfect for dating as well." I'm curious to know what countries or nationalities the app has been most popular with so far? 🌏
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@abadesi Thanks! We have around 30 000 downloads so far. With around 10 000 active users. For now we are concentrating on expats from Eastern Europe - Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria. Most active regions - UK, Germany. But we are still making our first steps
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@eugene211 Wow those are really impressive numbers - great work πŸ‘
@abadesi As app is distance based, its not that impressive in a specific regions. But we are moving forward step by step. Thanks for your support ;)
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Would love to try, but it appears the app launches in Polish.
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@shay_sa Ohh. Thanks for your reply. You using ios or android?
@shay_sa ios perhaps. Thanks for reply, will fix it immediately!
@shay_sa fixed and uploaded to store (on review) Thank you once more!
@shay_sa already in store
all feedbacks are very welcome ;)
@eugene211 how did you get that many users? Would love to hear how you did it, and grew it
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@edisonjoao6871 Basically we used traditional advertising. We have 5 pages in facebook (different languages) with total 20k+ followers. We are not feeling it a big numbers, as we are social network, we aiming on much higher numbers. Step by step hoping to reach our goals.