Monitor air pollutants and control the air flow

NATEDE has the most advanced sensors and it leverages a new photocatalytic filter, which does not need to be replaced, eliminating waste and extra expenses.

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I work at Clairy as Creative Director, I've been closely in touch with this product and I can assure that the benefits are tangible and it's really worth spending the money. It's also very cheap in comparison to other Air Purifiers and it brings you joy, because it's also a planter and plants have numerous benefits on your health.

The app allows you to control NATEDE from anywhere, you can set 3 different modes + custom and it gives you real time data on the air quality in your eenvironment.


It's beautiful and improves your health as well as productivity at work. Having plants is a great benefit and NATEDE also works GREAT.


You need more than 1 for your entire home

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Hi Product Hunters, And thanks @marco_santonocito for hunting NATEDE by Clairy. We created an amazing natural air purifier that combines Nature, Technology and Design. It is also very smart, it can be managed with a smartphone and gives you real-time feedback about indoor pollution. Indoor pollution is a big problem and the World Health Organization has stated that it can be up to 5 times higher than outdoor pollution. We found a new solution to solve this problem and we are so proud about it. We just launched it on Kickstarter and we really hope you like it. Oh and for every NATEDE sold we will plant 10 trees in the world thanks to our collaboration with the NGO Eden Projects!! Thank you, Paolo
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Just backed great project !! :D I'm looking forward to see the updates! :)
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@serradino Thank you Michele!! Updates coming soon!! ;)
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!! Is it available for shipping to India?
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@ayush_chandra Hi, of course! We ship worldwide