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Sounds great! How do you choose what is included? I'll be glad to have Swiftify (http://objectivec2swift.com) listed one day ;)
@alex_petuschak I started the newsletter as a personal way to keep track of the best things I read and learn every week. I have an RSS reader with the iOS blogs I follow, sometimes see things on Twitter, and sometimes people message me their own content. So the selection process is very personal. Swiftify is interesting, but it wouldn't make it into the newsletter because conversion to Swift is a lot more about the mindset (value vs reference types, functional programming, type safety, etc) than just a quick syntax fix.
Thanks @natashatherobot for your feedback - really appreciated! I realize that your focus is towards the usage of idiomatic Swift rather than automated translators. Just FYI, we're starting to use Apple SourceKit a lot for things like precise translations of method signatures, so Swiftify is not just a quick fix to convert Obj-C syntax to Swift. As we proceed, we do plan to detect patterns suitable for Swift constructs such as guard let, lazy variable initialization etc, and automatically apply such refactoring to the conversion results. Finally, good luck with your newsletter - the content looks very useful and well thought!
Natasha’s weekly newsletter is a must-read for all Swift developers. Her additional evangelism for Swift is outstanding and is deeply appreciated by the community.
Hey @ueshiba, thanks for posting - that was totally unexpected! I started This Week in Swift when Swift first came out to learn from the community and keep track of all the best practices, and it has now become my full-time business. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer! I can talk about Swift, being a digital nomad, or turning a newsletter into a business. This made my day!
@natashatherobot I am happy to see a lot of people are loving your newsletter! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
One of my favourite resources to stay up to date with all things Swift.
Great newsletter! I often get many fresh iOS content from there. Good job, @natashatherobot 👌 👌 👌