narwhal for reddit

A simple app for reddit designed for iOS 7

#3 Product of the DayApril 09, 2014
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Hi all. I just released my first app with my friend @kenfinney after leaving my engineering position at Apple a couple months ago. I'd love to get your feedback on my app! It is focused on making the core browsing functionality of reddit as seamless as possible on mobile.
Definitely the best Reddit app I've tried. What made you want to build it?
Well done, @rickharrison! This makes reddit look pretty AND it comes with a narwhal which is a pretty sweet animal, probably @alexisohanian's next startup mascot. But onto the important question: why narwhal? Site note: The 4-option left/right swipe reminds me of Sunrise's previous UI. I like the creativity but the subtly in a short vs. long swipe left is kind of tricky. They ended up limiting it to two options in the end.
@OsmnShkh Since I used to work in the south bay, I found myself using reddit on mobile a lot during the commute. Over time I wanted an app that was easier to use and made browsing easier. Since I couldn't find the app to do this for me, I decided to just make it myself. @rrhoover We were trying to come up with names that would evoke emotion, especially for users who have been on reddit for a long time. Naturally, narwhal was a great choice as it lended itself to some great illustrations.
Hey @rickharrison, really like the app! Making guest browsing free, but logged in access paid seems like a smart differentiation and a good opportunity for an IAP. Very interested to hear how that works for you!