narwhal 2.0 for reddit

A fast, gesture-based iPhone and iPad app for reddit

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@rickharrison @kenfinney tell us about the new updates :)
@bentossell Hey Ben! When I look at your photo I like to imagine that you’re the baby in the picture, just using some random human as a chair because that’s how you roll. Might I add that it’s a great looking chair! (This might be the first time I’ve been nervous on the internet and I make an extra amount of bad jokes when I’m nervous so I apologize for that. 😮) Anyway! narwhal 2.0! It’s been a couple years since we debuted our iPhone app right here on PH and we thought it was time for a big ol’ jumbo update. Which is kind of a pun! Because 2.0 includes our very first iPad version. \o/ Plus some new features and bug fixes to our OG iPhone app like better gif support, better searching, better flair support, and a bunch of refinements that would get boring to read about but are nice to use. For anyone unfamiliar, we’re a gesture-based app for reddit that focuses on speeeed, and a fun throwback style to OG Plus a narwhal that eats bacon when you pull to refresh. And cats. That’s about it! Thanks, Product Hunt! Love you guys. Also props to whoever designed the Product Hunt logo! (edit: the cat one) It really is the best logo I've ever seen.🤘
@kenfinney haha!! great start to the comment :) Disclaimer: It's my godson. He does boss me around but unfortunately I'm the bigger human in the pic.
@bentossell Dude! Don't ruin it for me. Juust kidding, congrats on the godson and for not being a baby!
@kenfinney @bentossell Awesome. I have been using Narwhal for about a year now, and I love it. Every other Reddit client pales in comparison.
Finally, a great alternative to Alien Blue. Love the fact that I can quickly switch between night mode just by tapping the Narwhal logo on top without going to preferences. Kudos. 👍
@faizmokh Thanks, Faiz! We appreciate that. 🍻
@faizmokh You can change between night/day mode on Alien Blue by triple tapping the header. No need to go to preferences.
Been using it since the start. Great, feature-filled client!
Best app for Reddit, hands-down. Extremely clean and easy to use and just a joy to use, especially on the iPad.
I don’t know if I’m supposed to do this but I’d like to take a minute to give a shoutout to my partner @rickharrison. This release is the culmination of an insane amount of late nights, crazy high ups and downs, talking about narwhal literally everyday for *years*, experiencing what it’s like to get a bunch of angry 1 star reviews, experiencing what it’s like to get a bunch of amazing 5 star reviews, and the many many firsts that go along with building and maintaining an app like this. We fought, we celebrated, we drank way too many redbulls, ate too much pizza, I drank enough booze to kill a stampede of horses, and somehow we came out the other side. Looking back it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had in life and I’m incredibly grateful I got to do it all with a dude as great as Rick. He’s a great friend and I’m pretty sure anyone that’s had a chance to work with him can attest he is 100% cal-i (props to anyone who remembers cyberathlete league!) o/🍻\o Let’s never stop making stuff. Unless we hit it big and can just play bf4 all day. Then let’s just do that. Also big props to @robcuilty and @artsabintsev for all their help! Thanks guys! o/🍻\o/🍻\o/🍻\o