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#1 Product of the DayJuly 29, 2015
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Thanks for hunting @bramk! Narrow was initially created as a way for me to grow my Twitter following without spending hours on Twitter every day. Once I realized it was working, I decided to make it a product. Any constructive feedback is appreciated. If you have an idea that would make the project better, please let me know! ** ProductHunters get 50% off the first 3 months **
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@maplethorpej this looks great! I didn't see an option to enter a code and came from the PH link, I'm on a trial and don't see an option to have 50% off or a code? Please and thanks :)
@geekgirlweb @maplethorpej Hey Rebecca. There should be a banner over the "upgrade options" button that indicates that the discount is available. If it's not there, go here, which will set the cookie, and then go back to the dashboard. I hope that helps!
I just signed up for the free trial! This is incredible, already working flawlessly. Shut up and take my money :D
@luizcent Haha thanks Luiz!!
This is a pretty neat tool you can use to build your Twitter following, @maplethorpej can tell you more!
Just what I've been looking for. $9/month seems a little much, but gotta try it first. :-) well done guys
Wow! as a Twitter software developer ( I can 100% say without a doubt that this platform is totally against Twitter's TOS. Software developers like us work so hard to make marketing tools that actually make twitter a better place and give users control on how they are seen on platforms like Twitter. We have worked so hard with Twitter Operations Dept and had many sleepness nights making our tools as simple and effective to use as possible without breaking the TOS. It upsets me that companies like this are happy to fully automate Following, Unfollowing and Liking without any regard to the users account that will most likely get banned very quickly. From Twitter's TOS: "Automated following and unfollowing You may not use or develop any application that allows for the following or unfollowing of user accounts in a bulk or automated manner. Using block as a means to unfollow users is also not allowed. Accounts and applications that engage in this practice will be suspended. Please also review our Following rules and best practices to ensure you are in compliance. Also note that applications that claim to get users more followers are prohibited under the Twitter Rules." "You may not develop any application that allows for favoriting of Tweets in a bulk or automated manner. Aggressive favoriting is a violation of the Twitter Rules."