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#5 Product of the DayApril 13, 2019
Narrative is a content platform where the members are in charge. Get visibility, and earn reputation and rewards for the content you post.
  • Jayme Soulati
    Jayme SoulatiMessage mapping and PR pro

    A visionary startup and platform that is allowing authors to post content for cash by owning niches of specialty topics.


    The community, powered by Hoop.La, gives feedback and technos vote to accept. Community democracy by a core group of smarties.

    This platform puts hundreds of bloggers, writers, content marketers into one location where people have the chance to write, share, interact in a community, and boost their topics of choice.

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  • Pros: 

    Creative new approach to social networking that pays users and rewards them for their efforts and contributions.


    There is still room to grow as the network launch began today the time for an investment is now.

    The best time to plant a tree with 10 years ago the next best time is now. The same applies to Narrative take and find value in new opportunities

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Rosemary O'Neill
Rosemary O'NeillMaker@rhogroupee · Co-Founder/CEO, Narrative Company
Hi Hunters! Are you tired of the same-old, same-old problems with your online content? Arbitrary censorship, random account takedowns, fake news, trolls/bots, data ownership questions, creepy ads following you around? We are too. That's why we created Narrative, a content platform where the people are in charge of quality ratings, moderation, and policy. For real. Also, 85% of revenue goes back to the members. Narrative is free to use, and all content is public, so there's no mystery about what's being seen by whom. Dive on in, the water's warm... Our team is here to answer questions if you've got any!