Nara Baby

Essential baby tracking app for new parents

Nara Baby is your FREE shared hub for tracking all things baby. Add breast and bottle feeding sessions, pumping, sleep, and diaper changes with just a few simple taps. Intuitive, fuss-free, and shareable across multiple devices. You got this!
  • Pros: 

    so much easier to use than whats on the market


    cant wait for the team to continue adding features

    love the app experience

    J M has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Intuitive easy to use. My baby is very colic and a preemie so this has helped immensely with tracking everything.


    Nothing better that I have seen

    Highly recommend to new parents

    madison Tarr has used this product for one week.
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Alexis Ohanian
Alexis OhanianHunterPro@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Initialized Capital, Reddit
I've tried all the other apps for monitoring vital, fundamental baby things and this is SO much better. I can't believe it took this long for someone to build a world class app. This sleek baby app makes it much easier for newborn parents to track daily feedings, sleep, and more!
shan-lyn ma
shan-lyn ma@shanlynm · ceo + co-founder, zola
Love it!!!!!!
Mario Gabriele
Mario Gabriele@mdagabriele · Future of Work
Awesome, beautiful app!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😀Very useful to the new parents! Tried and tested by Mr Alex Ohanian!
Nina Mullen
Nina Mullen@nina_mullen
Love it!