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#4 Product of the DayJune 30, 2015

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Napkn gets the best developers/designers to spend a week of their time creating someone’s awesome idea for free. The app is put on the App Store for free. And no one makes any money… wait… really? What’s the point? We’re in this to make ourselves better developers. Real developers solve real problems. Awesome developers are selfless and want to use their super magical developer skills to give back. New developers need a chance to work really hard and prove themselves worthy. For all these reasons we’re starting Napkn. The best idea from anywhere in the world will be built each week. Have an awesome app idea? Have friends that are always telling you their awesome app idea? Want to spend a week bringing someone else’s awesome idea to life? Napkn was made for you! Would love to talk about questions/thoughts!
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@zachwhelchel Love it! How are you connected to Firebase? How did you set up the partnership?
Napkn is a website where anyone in the world can submit their app idea. Each week they'll select the best idea and build it for free.
@zachwhelchel Love it. Look forward to seeing more of what comes out of this!
@kristofertm thanks! We're pumped too. Also know that down the road we plan to start rotating out the weekly team. A new developer/designer featured each week to build someone's cool new idea. Fun for all!
Fantastic idea ....more power to developers
It might be published under your name... But do we get the credits? @zackwhelchel
@ambonium absolutely. The goal is to honor the idea originator just as much as the original team!