Napkin Note

Email yourself quick thoughts on the fly

Whenever you are on the go and need to remind yourself of something (to do, call someone) or you have this great idea. Open Napkin Note and send yourself an email in just one click.

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Congrats on launching, I send myself emails as reminders all the time, is this what inspired you? @stevenblom888
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@abadesi absolutely! Whenever I had a thought I would email myself or others an idea, thought etc. But it takes like 4 clicks to get to the email app and fill in the subject, etc. Now it's one click and it shoots a nicely designed email with subject, content etc. filled in. It is in my bottom menu of my iPhone and use it multiple times a day. Do you have any requests for features that we should build?
Big fan of these kind of apps! Curious as to what distinguishes this from 'Note' (by Squarespace), or 'Braintoss' that already do this?
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@pjcoffer Thank you for the support. The biggest differences are with Note is, we included: - voice recording, - send to multiple people from one App, - Quicker way to send the last photo, - Accompanying email is styled, ...and compared with Braintoss we can also: - start typing straight away instead of choosing first (saves a click for the user), - choose if the image is good enough after making it (instead of sending it straight away) - send to multiple people from one App, - Accompanying email that is styled. And very happy to include more features... please let me know if you have any requests!

I’ve used this app for a couple of months and it’s now an indispensable part of my daily toolbox.


Very quick, very easy!



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@rutger Thank you for the support! Please do let us know if you have any requests, we're very happy to build them ;-)
Hi @stevenblom888! been a while, really like the idea! Will test it for the next few days and also ask some people to check it out!