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Are you associated with Nick Brook or did you blatantly rip off the logo of his app with the same name?
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@redpandacan wow...while the product is totally different, it's the same name and the logo/icon looks nearly identical πŸ˜• Info:
@curiousigor he needs a napkin to clean up this mess he made
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@redpandacan Thank you for the comment. I am not familiar with this product but you are right, it is extremely similar. I will be adjusting my icon. Thanks.
@curiousigor @redpandacan Thank you for pointing out the logo similarities. I have updated the logo.
@kingliv_ @curiousigor Thank you for informing me of the logo/icon similarities with the recipe product. I have updated the logo/icon accordingly.
@dlprice0610 this is great - now u have a big opportunity to fail forward. Major companies rebound from eggs on their faces all the time. Try reaching out to the founder(s) to have them post something for you as an accepted apology since you all aren't direct competitors. Lots of ways to win here - and for whatever it's worth, I like your product and humble response to this pickle you're in! Lol! You got this bro! U know what, I like it (and this debacle) so much, I'm purchasing the app. Don't let me down! (No pressure)
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@stephenalan @dlprice0610 I couldn't agree more. To me, it's obvious that this was a blunder that was caused because of poor research, not malice. Dave is also being very nice and apologetic about it. I can only imagine how it must have felt for the product to be listed on PH and him finding a stream of accusatory messages when he came to check the messages out.
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@stephenalan Thanks! Glad you like it! I have already reached out to the recipe app napkin to inform them.
@antonis_tsagari @stephenalan Thank you for your support Antonis. I am doing everything I can to remedy the situation. I have reached out to the recipe app napkin team and updated the icon on PH. App store will be updated in a few days when a new build is submitted. Thanks.
@dlprice0610 Any plans for an Android release? p.s. Don't let the logo mishap shake you up. It's clearly an oversight; not malice. We all make mistakes. Who spends countless hours on an app only to steal a logo? That's like running 26 miles of a marathon and taking a car the last 385 yards across the crowded finish line. @stephenalan has some great advice. Find a way to turn it into a positive!
@cpaprogrammer @stephenalan Hi Chris, thanks for the support! I'm starting off with an iOS version and if popular enough, I will create an app for Android. But no immediate plans. Thanks!
Jeez guys, in the era of flat design there are going to be similar / same logos. Only so many ways to arrange circles, squares and triangles. Take it easy. He didn't copy their product. Look forward to trying it.
@xanderschultz Thanks for the support Alexander. I hope you like it! Any suggestions to make it better please do let me know. Thanks!
I'm super excited to announce the launch Napkin! If you have any questions or feedback please do let me know. Thanks for checking it out!
@dlprice0610 Given you posted this into a forum of people who live and breath their ideas and products, posting yours that contains a very blatant rip off of someone else's hard work is truly poor and in my opinion goes against what this community promotes and is for. I suggest you very quickly change your logo and name, and publicly apologise for this.
@dylankbuckley Thank you for your post. I was not aware the recipe product with the a similar logo, let alone a similar name. It is a huge oversight to say the least. I will be updating my icon immediately. Thank you.
@dylankbuckley Thank you for pointing out the icon similarities with the recipe app. I have now updated.
Please explain me how you decided that this is the "best" startup idea app? Also, you have copied the logo and name of .Please justify. @dlprice0610
@rhlkmth 'Best' is really just my personal opinion based on the limited apps that tailor to this type of solution. The goal is to make this process simple, clean, and intuitive. I will be adjusting my icon given that it is very similar to another product. Thanks!
@rhlkmth Logo/icon has been updated. Thanks for informing me of the similarities.