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There can be two napkins before you hit ProductHunt :D Get your idea evaluated on http://napkin.is And then get it built by http://www.napkn.io/ ;)
Napkin is the step before Product Hunt—get validation and gauge interest and feedback before building anything, as quickly as possible. I was hacking on this a while ago—kinda gave up— then saw the other Napkin today on Product Hunt— decided to tweet it out. Have a bunch of features I'm working on, but decided this was enough for the mvp. Would love any feedback / criticism / ideas.
@elirousso great stuff. i feel like riff raff like me shouldn't be allowed to post. any thoughts on making it exclusive to keep quality high?
@smalter @elirousso I definitely thought about it. It *was* exclusive for a bit— and now I guess it's open. Ultimately should have an invite system etc to keep content quality high, but didn't get around to it.
@elirousso Great design, simple and clear direction. I do agree with @smalter with regards to the "exclusivity" to keep the quality high but I get where you are coming from. Keeping it open to everyone to generate content and then once there is a steady stream of posts. Cut it off. This will make people ask questions and interact more to gain access to this exclusive club basically. Overall great!!
@elirousso, I love the simple and clean design. Did you think of adding some sharing buttons to share the ideas to the social networks or do you want to keep it in a closed community? Just some technical issue, when I tried posting an idea, there is no option to cancel this action, so I would add either a cancel button or when you press outside of the post idea card, just direct the user back to the idea list.
@illaigescheit Thanks for the feedback! I wanted users to be able to share their ideas to FB and Twitter, but it's still under development. Mmm good point on the cancel button, too.
I really like the clean design and the simple functionality. Maybe it could interesting to have the same upvote algorithm from HN/PH to not let ordered by "Wants" only. I also think the sharing buttons will help to spread my idea to the world, besides the permalink is good enough to share it. (I shared my AwesomeLists idea in HN easily)