Design quick mocks, directly on your phone

Napkin is an iOS app that lets you design quick mocks on your iPhone or iPad.

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Looks like a great product for what Napkin set out to do, just not sure it's practical. Time is money, can create mockups in Photoshop or even Powerpoint in less time and with more tools available.
@danjfein Well, creating mockups in PS can be really annoying. And you never have the "real" size view and feeling of how it will work in the mobile phone's screen, so this could definitely be practical. Didn't already check the usability, but the idea sounds nice.
@danjfein Thanks Dan! You're right, it's definitely not a replacement for designing on your desktop. It's more about being able to quickly whip something up whenever / wherever an idea strikes you. Ideally this can move into a world where there is a file that I can then open on my desktop.
Hey John, thanks! I made that video using a combination of tools: 1.Touchpose: 2. Quicktime / my iPhone to capture my iPhone screen 3. Premier to edit it
Like this a lot! So many times you have an idea and not access to your normal tools.
@ScottSavarie Napkin is sweet! The interface is really easy to use after a bit of poking around. Just made this in a few minutes: Would recommend adding a duplicate layers button (had to make each password circle individually) and undo/redo (maybe shake the phone?).
@thomasmeagher Actually you can tap anything with two fingers to duplicate! A bit hidden. Agree with undo, it's on the list of things I definitely should build. Thanks for sharing the mock—looks sweet!
Beautiful landing page. Anyone (e.g. @scottsavarie) know how they created that auto-playing demo video? Is there some tool that makes that easy to do?
@scottsavarie @epaga I'd be curious to also know, too. And it looks like it's a 14MB video source file yet it loads instantly.
@epaga @goeric Nothing fancy happening actually. Just straight up HTML 5 Video.