Nap Simulator

A virtual reality sleep experiment from Casper.

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What an innovative mattress company
This is the opposite of what Casper launched earlier last year. 😂
@rrhoover haha too good
What does it do?
@pupeno It's a VR app so you need at least a Google Cardboard to really use it. But basically what it does is giving you 2 nap options. One being 2 minutes long and the other 2 hours long. During menu selection the same retro music from the website can be heard in the app. Once you start one of the naps and the countdown ends so does the music and you can take a nap. I'm not sure what happens after the nap, I assume the music resumes. It's a funny little joke app.
@paddykontschak I see. I couldn't try it because I only have an Android Phone for Google Cardboard an an HTC Vive :P
I love the 80's design Dope🚬