Just like Airbnb for nomads and team retreats

nanuk offers you the possibility to search, bookmark, book and review the best co-living places and retreats around the world.

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My boyfriend and I have been traveling the world while staying in co-living places for a few months now. Every time we move to a new country, we have to search for the perfect location that provides the type of accommodation which we need, find out if there is a coworking space which we can use and decide if we would fit in the community. It’s a time consuming activity and, especially when you travel with one or more people, it can become very difficult to find the place that best fits your needs. And that's why we came up with nanuk 😊 We put together a list of more than one hundred co-living places around the world. These are places where we would personally go or where we have already been. We created a special algorithm to score each location on popularity and the community vibe. Moreover, we offer an overview of the facilities, the internet speed, the type of accommodation and other important features. We hope that nanuk will give you some inspiration and will make it easier for you to plan your next trip, either by yourself or with your team, whether it is on a beach in Mexico or skiing in Switzerland. And because we know that money saved on accommodation can be money spent on cool adventures, we also offer some nice discounts. We would love to hear what you think about the website, if you like it and/or if you think we should make any improvements. Please let us know if you know any co-living places which are not on the current list.
Thanks for hunting! @bentossell and I were just chatting about this topic the other day. Looks super useful 🌏 🛫 How did you find it adjusting from living together (pre-travelling) to the digital nomad lifestyle? @ana_maria_jijaescu
@abadesi Thank you for checking out nanuk. One of the nice thing about co-living is that if one of us is busy with work and the other one wants to go explore, it's easy to find someone else in the community to join for a day trip or a short visit somewhere. In general, we try to keep a balance between traveling and working by having a well organized schedule. It's also easier if you're staying in one place for more than 3-4 weeks because then you feel like you have enough time to explore later if you have a few busy days at work. Hope this answers your question :)
@ana_maria_jijaescu This is so awesome! Congrats girl, wish you all the success in the world 💪
Great to see, I will definitely use it for my next trip!

This is going to be useful for a lot of people


looks good



thank you, Ivan :)
It will be my first comment on ProductHunt and the first comment will be... AMAZING WEB DESIGN (please tell me how you built it... front and back-end :D Which technologies did you use, and what kind of libraries did you use if you used any? :) ) Keep up the good work :)
@ana_maria_jijaescu Nice - looking forward to seeing more places on the site! One thing though: Mexico is in north America not South America!
@felixk1 Hi Felix, yes indeed ;) I will fix that asap, thanks for the feedback