Focus on code, not config

Hello ProductHunt! And thanks for the hunt @noinput! Our mission at Nanobox is to make developers' lives easier by simplifying the process of setting up local development environments, then deploying and managing apps on live servers. Nanobox has been in the works for over a year now and were excited to see it in the wild. As a thank you to the ProductHunt community, we're giving you a direct "in" into our beta. To register, go to and use the access code "producthunt". During our beta, accounts are confirmed as you join our Slack channel, so I'll see you in there. Ask us anything! We're an open book.
@skdomino @scott_dsgn @tyler_flint Congratulations guys on your PH launch. I have been staying in touch with these guys on the slack channel. Hands down it is one of the most seamless products simplifying the process of deployment. Lots of good wishes to you guys! 🙌