Nano Drone

One tiny ass quadcopter

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I'm almost never an impulse buy person, but I bought one immediately after seeing this.
This is a Cheerson CX-10. I own a couple of them, they are wonderful micro drones. You can buy some for only $20 (or cheaper from China) here:
Maybe we could control it from the Apple Watch... now that would be fun!
@pjwilkinson First practical usage I've heard for Apple Watch ;)
@pjwilkinson @mmezzacca besides that it's a yo killer? :0
@pjwilkinson @eriktorenberg Hahah true! Ugh I just bought two of these.
Funny how much larger the remote control is compared to the copter itself. $33 doesn't seem like a bad price either
Is this just an Estes Proto X with makeup on? The remote is identical.