NanaGram Long Distance

Txt your photos and we'll mail 4x6 prints to your loved one.

NanaGram is a service that helps you stay send monthly printed photos in the mail to your grandparents or parents. All you have to do is text your photos and we handle the printing and shipping. Use for 10 additional, free prints in your first shipment.

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Refreshingly simple, and makes me and my family so damn good every time. I was a very early customer, but now I have a new baby, so naturally my ENTIRE family receives these photos -- to the point where I'm buying albums for everyone for Christmas. Anyway, can't say enough about Nanagram and the PURE GOOD that Alex Cook is doing in the world. 5 outta 5 stars, would 'gram again (and again, and again, and again...)
@jayacunzo Wow, thank you so much Jay. I appreciate this so much. I'm going to visit Grandma Cook this afternoon and I'll show her your comment. 😊
❄️❄️❄️🎄☃️☃️☃️🎄 ❄️❄️❄️ Happy Holidays, ProductHunt! ❄️❄️❄️🎄☃️☃️☃️🎄 ❄️❄️❄️ A little over a year ago, I launched NanaGram on ProductHunt. NanaGram is a service that helps you stay send monthly printed photos in the mail to your grandparents or parents. All you have to do is text your photos and we handle the printing and shipping. It makes for an awesome gift for the holidays that keeps on giving all year. Use this link for 10 additional, free prints in your first shipment: I’m amped to share that a year since launching, we’ve shipped just over 35,000 photos. I say “we” when in reality NanaGram has been bootstrapped and solo to date with loads of support from customers and family and friends, in particular my brother Andy, my wife Katie (“VP moral support”) and my mom (thank you mom for being such a star in my video). I bring this up because, well, getting here with practically nothing may be interesting to fellow ProductHunters. And, so you know that when you buy NanaGram you’re supporting an indie business — not a giant. NanaGram now supports long distance grandparents, shipping to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. Many families are using NanaGram to stay in touch with relatives overseas and it warms my heart. For example, one NanaGrammer from Arizona sends photos to her grandmother in the UK. Another sends photos from Japan to his grandmother in Germany. I learned that in Australia, many family members live at long distances in rural areas and several Australians are using NanaGram to fill the gaps between visits. Worldwide shipping will be available soon. If you’re outside one of our current locations, you can drop your email in at to be notified when your country is released. In the United States and Canada, NanaGram works by text message. When you sign up, we give you a unique phone number. All you have to do to is text photos to your NanaGram number. You can invite family and friends to send photos with you by just sharing your number. Outside the United States and Canada, NanaGram works with a unique NanaGram email address. NanaGram was originally an idea my brother Andy came up with as a gift for my grandfather’s 94th birthday. I’m so grateful for the incredible and close relationship with my grandpa who passed away peacefully this past April. I wrote more about him before he passed at Hilariously, last December my grandpa made it to a viral TV show from a video of him unboxing an Amazon Echo Show ( When the show reached out to ask for permission to use the video, I ran it by my grandpa who said he wanted to be compensated. They offered him a small amount of cash and he tried to counter-offer $500 in Bitcoin. 😂We eventually settled on a small amount of cash (which he planned to give to all his grandkids) plus a mention for NanaGram. I visited my grandparents to watch the segment live. After, my grandpa turned to my grandma and said, “See? See who you married? I’m a famous Grandpa! I’m America’s Grandpa!” This was the first and only time NanaGram has been on TV, even though I’ve tried many times to otherwise get coverage. To this day, every time I visit my grandma (she just turned 95) she asks, “How many customers now?” and then, “Have you been on TV yet?!” Recently, I created a giveaway for a 6-month account and a custom giveaway picker (complete with the price-is-right wheel sound effect and Zelda sound effects), allowing my grandma to pick the winner… she ended up loving it so much she gave away three subscriptions ( In the past year I’ve heard countless, heartwarming stories from customers about how NanaGram has improved their relationships for the better. Check out reviews: One of my favorite talks on the topic of old age is by Susan Pinker ( In it, she explains the top factor to living a long life isn't exercise, diet, or avoiding alcohol and tobacco — it’s your number of close relationships and daily interactions with people — both strong close bonds and small interactions throughout your day with loose acquaintances. I learned this first-hand through my relationship with my grandfather in his 90s. Every day I had with my grandpa was such a gift. That’s why, even though NanaGram makes for a great gift for the holidays, I truly believe the greatest gift you can give a grandparent is your time. Spending time with an older loved one — something simple like grabbing a coffee or taking them out for everyday errands — can be a wonderful gift for a grandparent and in return, to yourself. The second best gift is probably NanaGram. 😊 It brings me so much joy to hear about how NanaGram is increasing interactions and strengthening bonds between family members near and far. Happy holidays, everyone. 🎄☃️❄️
SO great for the many grandparents of our two little ones as we travel the globe. 🌍👵🏼👏
@jgmakes Thanks Jonah! Great to hear from you. Happy holidays to you and your family!
nice idea!
@vladkorobov Thank you! Credit for dreaming up the idea goes to my brother Andy.
Signed up a few weeks ago! Excellent on boarding process and very easy to add family members to the account! I was talking with my grandfather this past Thanksgiving about all the photos posted online from my sisters wedding. Since he's not on any social media he genuinely felt left out. The next day I signed up for NanaGram and I cannot wait for him to receive his first prints!
@mikeymurph77 Mike, thank you so much for signing up and for the positive feedback about the onboarding process. It's gone through so many iterations! I can't wait to hear how your grandfather reacts to his first delivery. Happy holidays to you and your fam!