Text your photos and we'll mail 4x6 prints to your Nana.

NanaGram helps you send 4x6 prints to your loved ones over text message.

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Hey Product Hunt, This past August at my Grandpa’s 94th birthday party, I bought a couple live lobsters thinking there’s no way one of my siblings could top my gift. Then my brother Andy pulled out a bunch of 8.5x11” sheets of paper with instructions for something he dubbed InstaGrandpa. The night before he built a super simple prototype that let our family text message photos to a unique number. 📸 💜 When Andy asked me to help him bring the product to life I instantly said yes. InstaGrandpa was 10x better than live lobsters. Since the early 2000s, our family has tried and failed to set our Grandparents up with technology. Over the years, our immediate family has shifted away from printed photos. We probably take 5x more photos than we did 10 years ago but our Grandparents rarely see any of them. Even though our Grandparents love printed photos and there are lots of ways to print and send them, we just haven’t been consistent. You can read the full story at How NanaGram works: -Sign up, get a unique NanaGram number. -Invite your family. -During the month, text message your photos to your NanaGram number. -At the end of each month, we develop and mail 4x6 prints to your loved one. Plans range from $7.99/mo for 10 photos to $29.99/mo for 100 photos. If you sign up through this link we’ll add 15 bonus photos to your first shipment: NanaGram is just a name, coined after our Mom who is a new Nana of 5 years (pronounced Nah-Nah). You can send photos to anyone, whether they be a Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle… or even to yourself.
@aacook "I bought a couple live lobsters" - if there was a prize for "most Boston present" you would easily have won. 😂 Congrats on the launch!
@ned_dwyer HAHA so true. The next day my awesome neighbor broke them down for me. I delivered Grandpa a few lobster rolls and it blew his mind.
Congrats on the launch! I have my mother (gram) and grandmother (great gram) set up as recipients and my kids are posting pics...and I don't have to do anything. :)
@bokardo Josh - thanks so much for all the early product feedback. This is the happiest product I've worked on. So many good vibes. We still have lots of work to do. The feedback from users like you has been extremely helpful and heartwarming.
NanaGram helps you send 4x6 prints to loved ones over text message. When you sign up they give you a unique NanaGram number. You can invite unlimited family members by text. The website gives you total control over what's printed, and reminders help you make sure your loved one never misses a photo. At the end of the month, NanaGram develops and ships 4x6 prints to your loved one. Perfect for the albums, framing, and the fridge.
I've been using NanaGram with my parents and three siblings for two months now. It's been phenomenal! My grandparents in Florida have only gotten to see their great grandchildren twice IRL but get monthly photos delivered to them that they can spread throughout their house. I would absolutely recommend.
@poconnellthree Phil - Totally appreciate all the early feedback and love. Thank you.
My Noni is getting her first shipment this month, very excited to see what she thinks!