Namos Market

Fair pricing freelance market

The Namos Market allows freelancers to list their services at it's true value. Regulated listing prices assure freelancers are able to sell their services at prices they deserve!
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Hello, Everyone of Product Hunt, I started Namos Market, a subsidiary of Culturefiy. Namos market was created this July/August and being frustrated with the average pricing standards of modern popular Marketplace websites for freelancers. I was in desperate need to make some money to pay my rent I signed up for some popular marketplace websites and I couldn't wait for two weeks for the gig to clear and then another few days for the payment to be transferred to my bank account. Frustrated that the minimum prices for the services were set by a low bar, forcing freelancers to complete and list pricer much lower than their normal rate or price. I originally created Namos market for myself, now open to all! The original version I used WordPress + Typeform + Stripe. I was able to receive payment in minutes and complete a task in under 24 hours. The second version I created in boundless labs which is a no-code tool. This live website is now the third version. What about buyers? If you landed on this page and you are someone interested in administrative support, email marketing, or podcast production. You should choose us if you want to support fair freelance services and practices. Come buy services from freelancers you love and want to support. Are you a freelancer and want to sell your services? Sellers go through an application process, as we don't want to make it easy for people to post below industry pricing. Apply and you'll be added to a waiting list. The last thing the app needs is how to properly pay and which countries we can legally make payments out to. Most importantly, for now, Namos Market is a place where freelancers can post fair pricing services and get paid quicker. I had to give a huge thanks to @bentossell, the @Makerpad community, @nolan_evans @Boundless, and the Women Make Community. I'm excited to see where this project heads and I greatly appreciate any input feedback and any questions on building this pretty cool what you can do it no code! Edit: Thank you to everyone who provided valuable feedback. If you want to provide more feedback, furthering the convo, please fill this feedback survey here: Best, Naya Moss
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@nayamoss Massive congrats on the launch! It's so hard for freelancers to find jobs that are paid at a fair rate, such a great mission to help fix the industry. πŸ™Œ
@anthilemoon Thank you so much Anne-Laure ❀️ Appreciate all of your help and support.
@makerpad so awesome to see this grow from the makerpad community into a Product Hunt Launch!! congrats Naya.
@makerpad @bentossell Thank you Ben! Again, huge thanks to you and the MakerPad community. Making all things possible for the nocode movement! ❀️
@nayamoss Congrats on the launch! Great work! πŸ‘
@nayamoss Congrats on the launch! This platform is much needed right now. The alternatives really don't favour the freelancers at all. Great job solving this problem, best of luck!
@sneub Yes, exactly! I'm all for supporting freelancers πŸ’ͺ🏾! Thank you Shane for checking it out! πŸ™πŸΎ
Amazing @nayamoss! Congrats on the launch and creating a solution for yourself and others πŸš€
@om_13_e Thank you! I appreciate it! I'm excited to see how this helps freelancers feel comfortable listing prices based on their worth!
I love Namos Market! As a busy person running multiple businesses, it's hard to say what support I'll need day to day. I'm thankful there's a place I can find qualified, responsive help for all those tasks that clutter up the day.
@jenatlarge Jenniferm thank you so much! I appreciate your comment and support! You are the true MVP πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ!
Amazing work Naya πŸŽ‰
@lachlankirkwood Thank you! Appreciate it!