Encyclopedia of naming conventions πŸ’»

The Naming Convention Project is an effort to identify, collect and maintain a set of guidelines for best naming practices. πŸ“ It covers numerous topics within different programming languages, including examples for every section.
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πŸ‘‹ Hi hunters! If you’re a developer, the odds are that you have searched for naming convention at least a few times before. In fact, I ran a quick poll on Twitter and this was the outcome: The motivation to build this project came while surfing on the internet for finding naming conventions. I realized that the best naming conventions are scattered across the web so thought why not creating an open-source platform to gather all the naming convention under a single roof. Since it’s a subjective topic to some extent, we’re planning to add voting features to the platform in the future. For now the focus is, to cover as much language/stack as possible. How you can help? πŸ‘‹ Share your feedback and questions here. πŸ’» Contribute! It’s open-source. Add missing language/stack or add new topics in the existing ones. πŸ“© Shoot us a message, If you have any tips or recommendations on how to make this project better. We look forward to reading your comments and questions! Thanks for your support πŸ™ This project exists thanks to all our contributors: @cesiztel @pandawhocodes @brechin @bhavani_ravi @luchowise and some others who are not on Product Hunt.
Cool projet, been looking for something that centralize such information. I've been relying on linters to enforce the convention naming on JS (eslint-airbnb) and Python (flake8). Few feedbacks: you should use syntax highlighting when you show some code.
@simoelalj Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it's true, some languages are missing syntax highlighting!
Good idea @farbodsaraf and @sandochee ! I remember endless discussions about naming variables and functions in our team, it's cool to have a central place to look for every language 😁😁 By the way, very clean design!
@farbodsaraf @patricia_mayo1 Thanks, that's the main reason we decided to do it!
Great tool for developers! I frequently run into naming convention questions and it is really helpful to have all the information in one place instead of taking the time to find it across Google.
This is perfect for developers trying to improve their coding skills and learn from what is out there. In my projects I always use the same naming convention, this will be perfect to try out new ones! Cool project guys! Congrats
@carlos_bernabeu Thanks, feel free to contribute with your own conventions!