Get witty name ideas for your next business or side-project

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 22, 2020
Namewink helps you get name ideas for your next business, startup, website, blog or side-project. Choose an industry to get more relevant names and select from a list of over 1200 TLDs for domain availability checks.
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Thanks @kevin for the hunt! Hi PH Community👋, My main motivation behind making Namewink was to help people find simple & brand-able names, kinda like Facebook, Snapchat, PayPal, Evernote, TechCrunch, Dropbox, etc. It takes in a seed word and throws many name ideas that you can shortlist and choose from. Now with over 2000 new TLD's available for purchase, more and more people are thinking outside of .com's, and many good names with new TLD's are available for the taking. Coming soon: - More industry types and filters - Smarter suggestions based on synonyms - Better domain check accuracy - Username availability for social proflies (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc) A little bit about me 🙋‍♂️- I'm a designer who has just learned Javascript (and development) in the past 4 months, and this is my first time building (and releasing) something on my own. 🐣 I hope this helps you with name ideas when you're building your next. ✌️ Cheers!
@vamoha Most of the suggested available .com domains are not really available once I check them on whois. Maybe there are some improvements that can be made? If you mean available for a premium, it's different from finding a domain that is just $10 and $100,000
@kevin @vamoha This is super cool. Thanks for making and sharing it. 👌
Thanks for checking it out. @abinashmohanty Glad you like it!
@owenfar1 Yes, I'll pushing an update very soon that'll fix this. Will probably have to mark premium ones separately too.
THIS IS AWESOME! I'm not a big fan of name generators, as most of them are more or less trash. Though, I must say that this one seems well thought through and gives much better recommendations than other generators. Thank you for making this :)
@bcye Thanks Bruce, I too have tried popular ones like namelix and nameboy, and thought I could do better! Glad you like it! 🙂 I'm currently working on an update that would boost the quality even further.
@vamoha And its noticeable you're coming from a design background. The website is very appealing and looks professional.
Thanks @bcye for the kind words 🤩
@bcye Touche, I agree. Most name generators SUCK. This one is actually useful and gives you domain name suggestions. Clever way to create value and create a revenue stream at the same time. Hats-off Varun and congrats on seeing your project get some momentum on PH.
Varun, a slight negative - there's duplicates of the suggestions in the feed.
I must admit I'm quite surprised of NameWink! I've tried many name generators in the past and pretty much all of them give the same bad results. This one is quite different and gave nice generated business name ideas! Good job!
Thanks @cedriking ! Glad you found it useful.
This is amazing. The generated names are actually good lol.
Glad you like it @ayoolajohn_ Cheers!
Finally a name generator that actually works! I am looking forward to future updates. @vamoha
Happy to hear @sugoi_khalsa 😇