Ditch your Microsoft Word Resume & stand out from the pack.

Hey PH! Our team is on to answer any questions about the product :). We creating software products to help empower young professionals - and we started with a super simple resume editor. We really wanted to make sure it was a simple editing process, have templates you can actually use, and be able to have control over your information at no cost. EDIT: I forgot to mention you can embed your resume into your personal website and any updates you make will update instantly too -
Hey @mitchrobs ResumeRuby would be an awesome web app on WebMenu. We would love to feature it.
@ijustmadethise I'd love to talk more. I'll ping you on twitter.
Grats on the launch, Mitch & team! Pretty neat offering. Love the career help aim -- as you all get some guides/content set up I'd be happy to use them for Jobstart.
@zachtratar is there any specific pains that you've seen with Jobstart customers that you think we could help with?
Looks like an awesome and (as someone who has worked with career services at the university level) much needed service. Great job @mitchrobs, @spencemcc, & @zzimbler! (Also, it's great to see a Penn State Summer Founders Program startup launching on PH! 👍)
@psuchase Thanks Chase! For those who want to know more about the program:
Talented, experienced and devoted team building a great product! Congrats on the launch!
@mitchrobs, can I get access to all the other tools you listed on your page for free?
@thecountdanilo yup! We're adding more in the next coming weeks. You'll be able to access all of them from the same dashboard :)