Weird & wonderful domain alternatives for your project

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Interesting way of finding a domain.... Add a selection of words (the singular of each word), separated by a comma. You then get a list of alternative words to what you input. Add a few to the mix. The bottom shows a list of potential mashups - select the ones you like to see if they are available (I think it should only show ones available to be honest)
@bentossell Just the thing I needed, thanks!
@haimpekel Don't you love when that happens? @bentossell
@bentossell Thank you for sharing namestormy! I'm working on filtering only the available domains. Since the process of getting a list of available domains can take weeks, I'm using a paid API, and the number of domains a person can choose from can grow exponentially, that can quickly become VERY expensive. I'll try and have it sorted out as soon as possible. I especially like the "weird & wonderful" description, cheers!
@jimcanto @bentossell It almost never happens, so when it happens, I expect karma to turn on me :) I saw a few tools like this one in the past, they were less convenient, I even asked 10 years ago from a dev friend to connect a custom tool to whois, would be great to see another one like that...
@bentossell Thanks for sharing, this is pretty useful! I used to find words through and try to mix words up. This site definitely saves me some time.
Hey everyone, thank you for checking my project out! I've made this project a few days ago because I had problems finding a name for another project I'm working on. The process we used involved writing name associations, checking the thesaurus and manually checking for domains, and, of course, I had to automate it. What you're seeing now is still a prototype, but I really hope you find it useful. I'm working on several improvements now, and if you have any feedback (good or bad), please let me know
Domain names aside, this is actually just a better-functioning thesaurus than the others out there...
@ryanjamurphy Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I'm working on splitting words by verb/noun etc, so it should become more useful soon