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NameScore is an online name checking service for companies and startups that reviews business names and product names in terms of quality, suitability and usability. The results are being provided as a clearly structured multi-page PDF report.

The tests carried out: Trademark search, Search engine, Domain / Social media availability and more...

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Hi product hunters, I'm one of the founders of and I'm happy to introduce our brandnew tool NameScore. NameScore does not just check names. NameScore examines several aspects of your name – from classic trademark research and marketing chances in the online world, all the way to phoneme evaluation based on the sounds that make up the name. Many things are observed like Trademark search, Domain Availability, Search engine / AppStore availability, Social media availability, Hidden potentials and stumbling blocks and sounding. We are constantly working on extending the NameReport. I am happy to answer your questions, so don't hesitate to ask if anything is unclear :-)
The information provided helped me decide to buy the domain I wanted. I also learned new things to check before choosing a name for my other projects.

This is great value, especially with the current 90% promo. Would jump on it!


Tons of information provided on the name, and not just surface level stuff like some other naming tools


Pricing is per name, which somewhat limits its use when deciding on a name. Otherwise super useful once you've decided on a few names.

I put that on our todo that you can compare two or three names 😄
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