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Fast, visual employee directories.

Names & Faces is a visual employee directory that solves a problem experienced by everyone from the CEO to the intern. How do I get to know the people around me? How do I get context for where they fit in. And how do I get in touch when I need to?

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Hello PH, Today we’re launching Names & Faces. We make visual employee directories for companies. Sound simple? Perhaps. But we think it's pretty magical. And here's why. What we’ve built solves a problem faced by everyone from the CEO to new starters every day – how do I get to know the people around me, how do I get context for where they fit in and how do I get in touch when I need to? Anyone who has succeeded in business knows that it's what happens between people that really matters. But in most organisations, clunky intranets and complicated HR systems have failed dismally at helping us keep up with who is who and discover who to reach out to when we need help. Not being able to do these simple things quickly erodes culture, limits collaboration and makes it difficult for people to engage with the people they need to in order to do the best work of their lives. What we've built is not a new social network. The world knows we don't need another one of those. And it's not a new communication tool. It is the simplest, fastest and most intuitive way to get to know your people, get context for where they fit in and get in touch when you need to. We hope you like it. I am Paul
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@paulgalatis Great to see amazing products being launched from South Africa. I don't see the pricing option? I would be reluctant to onboard all my staff, unless I knew what the cost would be. Is there a reason you have chosen to be less transparent about this?
@paulgalatis - yay my friend! Always pushing the envelope. Come visit us already!
@garywillmott thanks for your note. We're still exploring the pros and cons of public facing pricing. We want to make Names & Faces available to as many organisations as possible while still building a solid, commercially viable business. So for now we're dealing with each client on a client by client basis. Drop me a line on and let's see if we can help.
@kimbo_brown_schirato Thanks for the shout out, Kimbo! x
I struggle with not only names but faces. I blame Twitter which feeds my brain hundreds of faces every day. I would use a version of this if it could include every acquaintance I've met.
@rrhoover 😅I was about to ping you on this product, just because of this.
@rrhoover that's a lot of blame to place on Twitter;) The challenge of creating a directory of every acquaintance you've ever met is something we're not tackling right now - mainly because human beings are simply terrible at filing. What we think is a more pressing need is helping people know the people that they should know - i.e. the people in their company! In my past company, I started battling to keep up with who was who at about 50 people. How many people are you guys at Product Hunt?
@rrhoover @syswarren What are you trying to say, Juuuuullliiiee? Shout if we can help;)
@paulgalatis agree, what I'm describing is a different product. We have ~20 people at Product Hunt and about ~90 total at AngelList.
Tools that foster community, culture, and collaboration within organizations are ever needed these days. Being able to quickly hurdle uncertainty and give confidence to employees inherently builds a community of collaboration within an org. I think Names & Faces is applicable accross industries from tech to medical as mentioned in this discussion. I’m excited to further check out the product and hope to see you all in SF Well done team! @paulgalatis @rou @jacquesblom404 @ross_kuyper @richarscott128
Thanks for your kind words, @natmaas. I loved this line: "Being able to quickly hurdle uncertainty and give don't confidence to employees inherently builds a community of collaboration within an org." I might just have to steal it! It does an amazing job of capturing a significant aspect of what Names & Faces does for team. @rou @jacquesblom404 @ross_kuyper @richarscott128
@paulgalatis my pleasure, please do.
Harvard Connect, before it became the mess that is Facebook, but for business <3
@christopherm Indeed. Thanks for the shout out, Christopher.
Congrats on the launch!! -- Are you considering using Slack as an integration to populate the directory? It would be super helpful in our case :)
@jcmrgo Hey Jorge, yes, we have a Slack integration to populate Slack's directory with the Names & Faces data coming up shortly for the teams that need it. For now, we integrate with Slack simply by displaying each person's Slack handle on their profile. Tapping on that opens Slack and takes you straight to a direct message with that person. How many people are you at Ecaresoft?
@jcmrgo @paulgalatis Hi - I see your comment about Slack integration (populating Slack from Names & Faces) was 'coming up shortly' appx a year ago. Was this work completed? Is it available in current versions of Names & Faces?