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#3 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2019
Classic, cool, creative, crazy names? Find your next product name with enjoyable name generators and handy name-checking tools. Get maximum name inspiration at the touch of a button - with NameRobot Toolbox.
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Hi there 👋 Mark here from NameRobot Toolbox ( 😊 There lies much work behind us...But I don't have to tell you: No sweet without sweat. 👨🏽‍🏭 NameRobot started 8 years ago with the first all-in-one solution for the whole brand naming process: gather suitable keywords ➡️ receive inspiration for words and names ➡️ play with different name generators ➡️ check name ideas on domains, trademarks, apps... ➡️ make millions with your business 😅 We updated the tools continually but at a certain point, we had to do a complete restart. That's what we finally did with the NameRobot Toolbox! It includes a completely new user interface with the possibility to name-search on all devices as well as many new smart name generators. We've also decided to go freemium, which will allow you to use most tools for free. We'll finance it through advertising (can be turned off for a small fee) and premium rates for heavy users and businesses. We’re calling former "NameRobot" now "NameRobot Toolbox" as NameRobot itself has become home of several naming tools like AI-guided Namefruits ( and name-evaluating NameScore ( Be sure we will keep updating and improving NameRobot Toolbox continually and of course, keep adding new name generators and tools in the future. We’d love to get some feedback and we are happy to answer any questions. Is there any name generator or other name tools you still miss? Please let me know 💌
This is a very interesting resource! A pertinent pain point for makers - will need to try this out to see how useful it turns out to be :)
@hrishikesh1990 Thank you so much! Please give us feedback when you do 👍
What is your favorite type of product/brand names?
2-word-combinations - like Facebook or SnapChat
Names that appear(ed) invented - like Google or Zynga
Misspelled names - like Lyft or Nimbl
Word blends - like Pinterest or Groupon
Acronyms/abbreviations - like Airbnb or IBM
Visual / real words - like Amazon or Lime
Names and Surnames - like Caspar or Lucy
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I'm curious to know who your target market is that needs this service on a recurring monthly basis? This just doesn't feel like it should be a recurring revenue model. This should be a pay once service. Once you have your name you are done right?
@colinwinhall Thank you for sharing your thoughts :-) This is true for many small businesses and app-builders. We therefore have free access to a wide range of tools. The recurring revenue model is more for companies that have to name products and projects more often. And it's on a monthly base.