Find a name for your product or company in milliseconds

NameQL helps you find a great name. It considers thousands of potential names in milliseconds and shows you the best, and only the ones where [name].com is available.

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Hi all! I made NameQL, and I'm really excited to share it with you. I spend a lot of time trying to come up with good names for my products and I wanted to make that as easy as possible. There are similar tools to this one, but none of them ever clicked with me. I wanted something **crazy fast**, easy-to-use, and with great suggestions. This is just the start. I have lots of ideas for making super-smart suggestions using machine learning, more advanced searching, supporting other TLDs, mobile apps, etc. The next feature I really want to build is to check the app stores for similar names, and for relevant trademarks. That would save me a ton of time. I am so stoked about all the positive feedback this is getting on ProductHunt. That's really motivating me to make this tool amazing! I would love to hear your suggestions on how I could make this better for you.
@mitch_crowe Twitter username availability as well. Looks cool!
@erickerr Thanks for the suggestion!

The best name/domain generator I've come across. Looking forward to the advanced filters and additional TLD support.


Names that are actually usable!!! Instant results


Support for TLDs other than .com haven't arrived yet (coming soon!)

Thanks, Caleb! Positive reviews like this make my day! I'll work hard to deliver soon on other TLDs.
I reckon this is going to become a 'market leader' (so to speak) in this area. I use products like this all the time and this is truly excellent. Some suggestions, or really a single suggestion; check also for matching social usernames?
@mickc79 Awesome, Mick! I really appreciate your suggestion. That's not something I had on the roadmap, so its really great to know it would be useful.
I would recommend this to most people. You might have to come up with a way to monetize it because rather going through Namecheap, I used Godaddy where my domains are hosted. I'm guessing it might be the same for others, so you might want to look into other ways of eventually monetizing. Great product by the way.
@aaron_kazah Thanks for the feedback! You're right, monetization strategy is definitely something that will need to be tweaked. I'm not sure if optional affiliate links will work to support a product like this. I could offer the option of several domain providers. Another option would be to add premium features and charge for that. For now, I'm happy just to provide a really great free product.
Interesting concept. Would have to disagree with other posters, however. The signal-to-noise ratio here is the biggest problem. 99% of the results are junk. Serious usability problems with names people can't spell after hearing it said out loud, or can't figure out how to pronounce because of unfamiliarity. But, it's really polished and I could see it being a really useful tool if you're looking for an "Aviato"-type name. Will see how this develops!
@futhey Thanks for your thoughts! While I certainly don't agree that 99% of the results are junk, you're definitely right that they could be much better. This first iteration focuses on creating interesting and unique words, which can be really great sometimes but certainly isn't a panacea. I'll be adding more smarts and user-controls to the name generation soon, and hopefully I'll win your praise in time ;-).
@mitch_crowe Haha, don't mean to be overly negative, but would love to see a bit better signal/noise ratio :)