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You would think USPS would create a system for this so when you move you don't have to update/contact every magazine, bill, alumni, etc company that you are moving. Awesome idea and totally interested, do you have an API as well to let partners pull out this information (e.g. alumni parties, etc.)
@johnmurch Hey John, we have a "for business" version that is aimed at fixing that for companies and organizations. For alumni, I would just recommend using the free app basically. You can create a dedicated "alumni" or "party" group to whom you can even broadcast updates through the app.
Hi, Sam here, as mentioned above, Nameloop is free for individual users and can be used via mobile (Android and iOS) and web. We have solutions for connecting businesses with customers too. And beyond the use as an always-up-to-date address book, the app can be used as a networking tool (digital business/personal card) and a relationship management tool.
If anyone has technical questions or feedback about the Android app please let me know! Thanks for taking the time to try it out.
Nameloop is pretty nifty. It is "the address book meets Facebook" when it comes to functionalities. Initially an address book allowing to put all contacts in one place (importing Facebook and LinkedIn contacts too) by connecting with these contacts. Details are then automatically updated once someone updates theirs. Loops (groups) allow to "sort" people (family, friends, colleagues, fellow sports fans, kids' teachers, etc...) and broadcast messages to people in these specific groups. It also acts as a digital business card when it comes to meeting people and networking - connection with just one ID. No more paper.