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We’re like the Discovery Channel reimagined for a young, internet-savvy mobile media consumer.

We create and distribute programming that reaches over 300 million young people each month.

Our audience of 10+ million subscribers is 90% mobile and 85% under 34 years old.

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Hi all, I'm the Founder of I'm really looking forward to your feedback, questions, and suggestions. We're still in beta and are working on some additional functionality (letting users create their own channels, anonymous chat, etc) but we'd love to hear your thoughts on this version of the product! Currently all of the videos and channels on the site are curated by our very awesome Nameless team. UPDATE: We'd love your channel suggestions as well. Send them along. Thanks for taking a look! Kareem
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@kareemy This looks so dope. But I immediately bounced off the site cuz of the auto video, I don't have unlimited GB to spare, and the player was getting in my way when I tried to reduce the video quality.
@tabansi Hi. We're working on implementing more player controls (pause) and potentially having the player be click-to-play instead of auto. Any other suggestions? Thanks for checking us out!
Ha! This is awesome, @kareemy. The recently launched &chill is similar but instead of browsing through curated channels, users create their own and fill it with a watchlist. Are you planning to add something like that, @kareemy?
@rrhoover Hey man! Good to see you. That's something that we're really excited about deploying. Users creating channels is coming very soon - I'd say we're less than 3 weeks away from that.