AI Domain Name and Meta Text Generator

Namekrea AI is a simple web app that generates domain names and website headlines. We have trained a deep learning text generator based on the content of top 100.000 sites to create the perfect SEO optimised domain name and headline.
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Ceyhun Derinbogaz
I like to hack things related to A.I.
It was always a hassle for me to look for domain names for my new projects. Finding the perfect name was a back and forth game between domain search and find out my perfect name was already registered by someone else. Wouldn't it be nice that someone already generates 'Available' domains and make the whole process lot easier? That was my starting point. After fiddling with current Deep Learning methods, I made a PoC running on my local machine. When I generated the first few lines of domains and headlines, I have realised that this thing is weirdly accurate and creative. I want to share one of its interesting creations of NameKrea AI with you :) Keyword selection: food, wine Results: "ai_domain": "", "ai_meta": "hope you like red wine as much as I do. that's why I started this blog. discovered red wine and all things related I've also been on food cravings kick lately. found the recipe for red wine and everything else in between, welcome to the realm of the food cravings. Welcome to..." I have decided that I should make this available to people of the internet and make good use of it. (Because no-one should pay thousands of bucks to domain selling service.. aka real estate agents of domains.) I hope NameKrea will be helpful for you to find your perfect name for your beloved project... Cheers!