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@teddy Tell everybody a bit about what went into this and why you guys love college students so much
@zackshapiro Hi! We launched NC.me because we think it should be free/easy for students to build an online presence. Launching a personal site and showcasing your projects is so much more powerful than a paper resume / LinkedIn alone. Having an email on a personal domain also looks much more baller than rocking a gmail! :) We started touring campuses last year and hitting up college hackathons, which inspired this project!
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@teddy Great initiative you guys. How long do you think this will be available? Going to add this to the @youngandceo resources page right now.
@teddy I'm in middle school, but I just registered a domain for myself, lachlanjc.me. Thanks so much for this :)
@lachlanjc Awesome! Keep up the hustle!
Also, you may have noticed that there is a leaderboard on the page: https://www.nc.me/leaderboard The winning school at the end of the academic year will "take over" Namecheap's front page. We'll also crowdfund a scholarship for the top 3 schools!
Very glad to see to see NameCheap supporting this!
@_danoc Thanks, Daniel! P.S. we love Optimizely!
Very cool and great job @teddy. How about some support for high school students? ;)
@abe_storey Thanks, Abe. We have had a lot of demand from high school students and I hope to set something up soon! Won't leave you guys hanging!
@teddy Super glad to hear that. :)