Name Geniuses

A pay-what-you-want crowdsourcing business name service.

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You should have no problem coming up with lots of options to name your business surely... Not sure why people would need to pay for such a service. theres also free generators out there that help with inspiration too right?
@bentossell Hey Ben, great question. You might be the exception, but the rest of us mortals often take hours to find a name that we not only love, but is actually available (the tougher challenge these days). Yes, free generators are definitely an option, but you get what you pay for. They spit out hundreds of names just sticking "ly" and "dr" to the end. Sometimes that's okay, but we're shooting for names that are just a little bit more creative and memorable than that.
@dalecudmore haha I can definitely think of loads of names... but granted, none may be any good ;) Is there an example of the quality of results that have been generated?
@bentossell And that's really the problem that I'm trying to solve. Some people want a great name, but can't really come up with one. Others just value their time really highly and would rather someone else do it for them. Since it's basically a brand new site, there aren't too much in the way of results so far. However, in the interest of transparency, here's a Google Sheet with all the current suggestions for a posting that I put up myself (for a future project I'm considering): That one was posted for $40, so a bit over the minimum. The higher the price paid (it's pay what you want), the higher quality the suggestions should be.
@dalecudmore @bentossell Yeah I would agree. Coming up with a business name is actually hard. I have used all the free generators out there and they are garbage, they aren't quality names. They basically just take a random set of adjectives and add a noun of your choosing to the beginning or the end of them. Sometimes it works for small side projects, but for any type of serious business you need to put a little more thought into a name than slapping random words together. I love the idea of crowdsourcing this.
@_jacurtis Thanks for sharing, it's always great to hear from others that think there's an actual need for your product (I don't trust my own opinion any more :p ).
There are a few other similar services, but none offer the pay-what-you-want model
@_jacksmith Thanks so much for submitting this Jack. If anyone has any thoughts, questions, or feedback, I'd love to hear it!
Are you checking if the name is allready taken or ok to trademark, and check for blacklist words that wouldn't work on some markets etc.?
@mikaellowgren Yes, I've built in a checker into the backend, so all accepted suggestions are indeed available to be registered (works on most TLDs). Trademarks and blacklists - no. That would be a possible feature to add, so that anyone who posts a project can blacklist any words they'd like. I think it'd be difficult for me to come up with and maintain that list by myself.
show us what you made of: what is a better name than producthunt :)
@ourielohayon Can't improve upon perfection :p
I really like this payment structure; incentives good suggestions. I would suggest adding the ability to sort the postings by at least price (if not date too). Also, the closed projects still have the "Click here to suggest a name" option.
@matthewtwhuang Ooh, great point about the closed projects, I'll remove that shortly, thanks! My main challenge at this point is getting a steady stream of customers. Once I figure that out and have a larger number of jobs on the board, I'll get sorting implemented.