Your personal email assistant

Tim Ferriss talks heavily about outsourcing emails to virtual assistants. As part of it, he discusses outsourcing to asian countries as a way to save money. Perhaps some lessons could be learned from him. As far as the product/website, as @vanessa_ronan mentioned, show me some samples, show me some work, build some trust with me to illustrate that paying $50 an hour is completely worth the money. For all but executives, that's a steep price to pay, and even then, executives have their own assistants, generally at less than $50/hour. If I were to outsource @ $50/hr, 40 hrs a week, 50 weeks of the year, that's 100k. SHOW me value. Prove to me I should spend that kinda money. That's my 2 cents.
Isn't this just a service for someone to write emails for someone else?
I like the simplicity of the website, but it would be significantly improved with some examples of generated emails. It's hard to trust that it can do "Absolutely anything email related" right off the bat.
what are some current success stories / use cases?