Naked Wines

Where wine drinkers crowd-fund winemakers

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Thanks so much, Aneela. I'm one of the winemakers you're funding and I really appreciate your support and your spreading the word! Look at all these talented people upvoting it too... I hope you've all had a chance to taste some of our wines.
stumbled upon @NakedWines via an ad for a free trial & loved what I drank so much that I just became an Angel "investor". Love this model of buying direct. Here's more info from their site: "By funding winemakers upfront we're able to remove a huge chunk of costs that in a traditional wine business would be passed on to you, the customer. Costs like sales and marketing. It also means the winemaker can spend more time in the vineyard and less in the office. Which means the wines taste better. It's a win, win."