The world’s first home body scanner for fitness tracking

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Hey ProductHunt, We’re super excited to launch the world’s first 3D fitness tracker, a body scanner that visualizes how your body changes! We are giving an exclusive promotion to all the Product Hunt member out there of 10% of the already already discounted Naked price. Please use coupon code 10HUNT. Only active for the first 200 users. Let me know if you have any questions!
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@farhad_farahbakhshian Would love to chat with you privately about this product. It looks cool.
@datarade Sounds great. What's your email address? I'll be in touch.
@farhad_farahbakhshian First, I think it's a great idea and the price seems right but I do have a few questions about delivery and privacy. You're using tilt for payments, which says the product is still in Kickstarter mode, the difference being that Kickstarter requires a fully functioning product to start a campaign, which leads me to believe that you may not have that. Have you secured a manufacturing path? Do you have any photos of samples you've made? If I'm preordering a product through a crowdsourced campaign I'd love to see some hardware ahead of time. In terms of privacy, what are you doing to secure the access to data on your servers/locally and what is the data comprised of? Is the mirror capable of scanning only, or can pictures be taken as well? The data you are collecting is inherently extremely personal, and before I buy your product I'd love to know more about that side of things.
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@frantzlight Hi Chris, You know your way around hardware products :) To answer your first question, Naked right now is fully functional and you can see a video of the scan that we did with a live Facebook Video with Brit+Co today. You can view it either on the Brit+Co Facebook page or our Facebook page ( A further demo video from Fox Business can be accessed from our website (on desktop) homepage. Also check out the product update section on our site (accessed from footer on our desktop site) from Intel Senior VP Josh Walden, he has seen and gotten a scan with Naked. Regarding, privacy/security, this is deeply important to us. Users can adjust privacy settings so that none of your data is synced to the cloud. At the same time, you have the option of syncing your data to the cloud to allow Naked to draw further insights on how your body is changing. Let me know if you have further questions, Farhad
@farhad_farahbakhshian Great, thanks for the info. :)
Whoever came up with this name is a marketing genius.
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Hi ProductHunt! I love IOT and I love tech-driven health, so I thought I'd share this with you all. The founders wanted to share some love so the first 200 Product Hunt members to order will receive 10% off the product with coupon code 10HUNT.
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@rev_austin_heap Love tech driven health as well! Muse was very cool. Any other things you recommend checking out?
I've worked alongside @Naked_Labs for a year. The product is real. I've got my scan. There's nothing like it. Can't wait to get mine!
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