Nailed It!

Act out famous celebrity faces

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I guess you could say I... nailed it
Hahahah I'm ready for the Donald Trump ones.
@as_austin pull down and refresh the images.. i added some of The Donald just for you :D
hey hunters! I hacked this together in a week after a friend and I did a snapchat battle on celebrity impressions. Give it a try and let me know what you think
@najishafi fun - now anyone can make the buzz like Celeste Barber...
@salomebdx She's the most popular one that I know who does this. I've stumbled across others like Celka Ojakangas and John Drops
Oh, and what does it do? Nailed It is like Dubsmash but for images. Explore and select an image, mimic it and then share and challenge your friends.
interesting concept