Nadi X

Wearable tech. A yoga instructor in your pants.

The tagline "A yoga instructor in your pants." may need some rethinking ;)
@thatmattgardner it absolutely does NOT!
@thejeremycarson agreed. It got me to click through O_O
I've known Billie for a few years from the NY tech community. As a friend and follower of her journey with Wearable X, excited that she and team have launched Nadi X - wearable tech yoga pants. Would be awesome to hear from Billie and the team about the inspiration, product iterations and process over the past few years.
I've been following Billie's work for years, and Wearable X has been at the forefront of fusing tech and fashion in practical and innovative ways. I personally only have experience with wearing pants rather than doing yoga, but I'd encourage any yoga enthusiast to check this out based on Billie's track record.
Billie is the best. Arguably one of the best people who understands the future of wearable technology, but more importantly how it can go into the world of retail and daily life. You all are in for a treat for when she goes more into the evolution of WearableX!!