The supercharged to-do list app

This is something I started working on just over a year ago, to scratch my own itch -- I couldn't find anything for personal goal-setting with the right high-level focus. I've tried lots of to-do list apps, and while I can see the value - they just didn't seem powerful or comprehensive enough for the type of things I was looking to manage. So, this bridges the gap between the very high level (mapping out complex goals, assessing progress) and the low-level day-to-day stuff (to-do list of tasks, productivity monitoring, etc). I'm very open to suggesitons - so please feel free to provide critical feedback. PS - this got picked up a while back when the app wasn't really ready for the attention - the product's had quite a significant feature overhaul and a lot more polish since then.
@dotajames Very cool James, I haven't seen many to-do lists try and tackle the high level bits you're doing--do you have any competitors you know of or are you blazing a new trail here? Also liked the interactive tutorial you showed in the video--built in-house or with the help of a service? Finally, what's the most surprising thing you've learned building Nach so far?
@ianmikutel Thanks! I do think it's a relatively unexplored area, but I can name a few apps that tackle the high-level. There's Everest, which is well marketed, but definitely not a power tool - feels more like a simple social network oriented around big goals. Then there's OmniFocus, which seems very well made - but it's more of a strict GTD type thing so still not as high level as Nach - also it's only available on Apple hardware. Finally, one that I only discovered quite recently - GoalsOnTrack - seems to be the most similar - buut, even if I had found it at the beginning of my search, there are a few things that would probably have put me off (slightly dated UI, and no API, for example). Interactive tutorial is just something I built myself - tutorials can be declared nice and easily in JSON, so I really should get round to creating some more. Most surprising thing - probably how unpredictable user acquisition is when it comes to this type of product and revenue model. It took me 3 months to get my first paying subscriber... but then 3 months later, I was up to 10. I hadn't really changed my tactics at all - just improved the product and surrounding site. I think the bar is set quite high for the level of quality a product has to reach before people are happy to commit to a subscription.
Is there an iOS app as well?
@mzuvella Just a web app at the moment (instructions on how to get iOS to treat it somewhat like an app here: Definitely have native apps planned, but looking to grow the userbase a bit first.