Nudity-detection as a service run on solar powered Rasp Pi's

Nudity-detection as a service is the result of a 10% project at Haschek Solutions. It uses Raspberry Pis and Intel NCS (Neural Compute Sticks) to classify images as porn or not porn.

Sysadmins can use the API to find illegal or unwanted uploads on their webservices. NaaS already helped find uploaders of child pornography to various image hosters.

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From time to time there is some stuff that makes you realize how amazing is the technology, this combination of multiple knowledge areas is amazing, congratulations!
Hey @geek_at 👋thanks for sharing NaaS with with the community. Sounds like you have already worked on some serious use cases for NaasS from your description above. Do you plan to, or are you already working with agencies / organisations to help prevent the dissemination of child pornography or/and help identify those uploading it? Was this your intention for the product when you built it?
Hello @ems_hodge thank you for your question! In the past we did help Interpol finding and classifying child pornography but we are not (yet) in contact with any organization who combats child pornography. Yes, the very reason NaaS was created was to identify illegal content on image hosters (mainly our own -> ). We just finished our first field test with another image hoster and we're looking to expand to help other corporations and organizations in the future. Greetings from Austria!
@geek_at amazing. Congrats on the great work 🙌
@geek_at where were you when chatroulette was a thing 😂
Emerging tech is generally used to make our life easier and turn profits with very little giving back. Tech like this needs to be used to combat serious issues such as revenge porn & child porn. The big players are doing very little right now. We need to see more of this. Great work.
Why are you using Intel NCS ?
@hemantgoyal_ because it's low power and can be used together with a RasPi GPUs are just so hot and energy hungry ;)