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Good product by a great team. Maybe @lammerding can jump in here and answer some questions about the new version and the iterations this company has made.
N3TWORK 2.0 is a drastic change from its initial release, which was a interest-based social network, which seemed vague to me in the beginning. Lately I've been using Pluto.TV frequently, and occasionally visiting 5by's standup comedy channel. cc @gregisenberg @jchoi526
@ncyoung here - founder & CEO of N3TWORK. Happy to answer any questions about N3TWORK. @rrhoover congrats on the financing!
Here's post that I wrote on our site, that explains how we see things (http://www.n3twork.com/blog.html) the tl;dr is... 1. The very definition of TV is changing - if you think people are just watching shows on Netflix, HBO, Broadcast or Cable, then you're missing a huge trend. 2. The content that's available on the internet for free, is so much more awesome than you imagine - you're just never going to find it. 3. Because there's literally so much video - if it can be organized and served to you based on your personal interests then vertical TV channels could be reimagined. 4. If you could contribute to those channels yourself - either directly by uploading content, clipping it from the web or just communicating with and around it. We can move TV from a Read Only experience to a Read/Write Experience....and that would be cool. If you want to see a quick video of N3TWORK in action, here's the Re/Code article that has an embedded quick live video demo - http://recode.net/2014/08/21/a-v... and please download the App at http://AppStore.com/N3TWORK If we get to 50 upvotes, maybe I can tell you how we got here ;) --- Neil.
@ncyoung Already 68 votes counting with mine.... time to tell us more. :) Followed N3twork since the launch, pretty awesome and great design.