Add a comment section to any website - as a site user

MyTwoCents is a Chrome extension that adds a comment section to any website you want. The idea is to offer discussions on sites where there originally is none or where comments are disabled, .e.g. on news sites or on Netflix or live sports streaming or anywhere you want to add your two cents :)

Hey! I finally put out this little side project of mine that got me back into coding a bit. 😊 So, the idea is to promote exchange of opinions on any website. Obviously, only people who have the extension installed see other people's comments via the extension. I went with using the Facebook comments plugin for now, as they sometimes draw in comments they already have on the link, as well as most people are on FB and I didn't want a self-hosted solution. Feedback and ideas very welcome! 😊
@tillrahn Interesting idea! How do other people see the comment I leave? Do they also need the extension?
@dennismoons Yes, but you always have the option to share your comment on Facebook as well... (checkbox "Also post on Facebook" when commenting) So, I figure, if people are using it, it will have to spread via communities where many people are missing comments and many will install it "together" (little bit of a chicken and egg problem). I plan to promote it a bit in separate communities around single websites (news sites with no comments, netflix, live sports... any other ideas? :) )
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